International Students


2016 / 2nd semester

Available in english for
undergraduate and graduate

Electronic Art

Rejane Spitz, D.Sc.

ART 2203 – 1AB – 3 credits | 45 hrs semester
Analysis of the different ways to express and communicate artistic interventions that include electronic media. Multimediatic aspects of computational resources. Interactive art.

User-Centered Design

Claudia Mont’Alvao, D.Sc. and Manuela Quaresma, D.Sc.

ART 2204 – 1AA e 1AB – 3 credits | 45 hrs semester
Design criteria considering usability. Human factors and user-centered design. Definition and techniques. The safety, comfort, well-being and satisfaction of users. Task-analysis.

New Technologies Applied to Design

Jorge Lopes, D.Sc.

ART 2209 – 1AB – 3 credits | 45 hrs semester
New 3-D printing technologies and materials. The dematerialization movement. Do It Yourself (DIY)/Maker Culture with 3-D printing. Explaining the future form from a 3-D printing perspective.

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PPG Design Graduate Program

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