PPG Design


Junho 23, 2018 —Junho 30, 2018

Durban, Africa do Sul
Leonardo will continue its 50th anniversary celebration at ISEA 2018. This symposium and festival will focus on accessible and alternative platforms that encourage partnerships across sectors and regions, highlighting the strength of industry, institutions, and government to think about how we can improve our environments and find locally relevant approaches for everyday challenges.

Junho 26, 2018 —Junho 27, 2018

Aveiro, Portugal
At ISDH2018 (International Symposium on Display Holography) in Aveiro, Portugal, Leonardo will celebrate its 50th anniversary with “Holography Symposium,” an event chaired by Pedro Pombo, director, Universidade de Aveiro.

Julho 15, 2018 —Julho 20, 2018

HCI International

Las Vegas, Nevada
HCI International 2018, jointly with the affiliated Conferences, held under one management and one registration, will take place at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, under the auspices of 14 distinguished international boards.

Julho 18, 2018 —Julho 20, 2018

12th International Conference on Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction 2018

Madrid, Espanha
The Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction (IHCI) 2018 conference aims to address the main issues of concern within Interface Culture and Design with a particular emphasis on the affective aspects of design, development and implementation of interfaces and the generational implications for design of human and technology interaction. This conference aims to explore and discuss innovative studies of technology and its application in interfaces and welcomes research in progress, case studies, practical demonstrations and workshops in addition to the traditional submission categories.

Agosto 26, 2018 —Agosto 30, 2018


Florenza, Itália
A selection of papers for which the Scientific Committee will express interest and preference, will be sorted out at the end of the congress and the authors will be invited to submit an extended article for special issues of Applied Ergonomics, Ergonomics, Human Factors, Internal and Emergency Medicine.

Outubro 3, 2018 —Outubro 6, 2018

CfP: AICAD CONFERENCE 2018 2nd Asia International Conference of Art & Design

Langkawi, Malásia
This conference covers multidisciplinary perspectives on the sciences & social research and aims to provide a communication platform for academicians, researchers, postgraduate students and industry professionals. The theme will be “ ART + DESIGN + CULTURE = CIVILIZATION ” .

Outubro 29, 2018 —Novembro 1, 2018


Foz do Iguaçu, Paraná
O SBGames é o maior evento acadêmico da América Latina na área de Jogos e Entretenimento Digital. Realizado pela Sociedade Brasileira de Computação, o evento reúne pesquisadores, estudantes e empresários que tem os jogos eletrônicos como objeto de investigação e produto de desenvolvimento.

Outubro 31, 2018 —Novembro 3, 2018

Congresso Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento em Design

Wuxi, China
As an international platform for design education, the 2018 Cumulus Conference in China aims to investigate where design is now and where it will go in this age of transition. In so doing, we seek to envision new attributes and roles of design by sharing emerging design practices, research and education in response to common challenges of globalization 3.0. We invite you to share your insights with academic papers or professional proposals.

Novembro 5, 2018 —Novembro 8, 2018

Congresso Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento em Design

Joinville, Santa Catarina
Sendo o evento mais relevante de pesquisa técnico-científica no país, o P&D Design objetiva ser um espaço qualificado para a difusão, trocas e debates sobre investigação e atuação no campo do Design, envolvendo pós-graduação, institutos de pesquisa, empresas e organizações do âmbito local ao global.

Novembro 7, 2018 —Novembro 9, 2018


Lund, Suécia
The purpose of Nordcode is to stimulate scholarly discussion and act as a platform to support growing a design research community by encouraging established as well as emerging researchers in the field. Scholars, doctoral students, practitioners and others from the fields of design studies, design history and culture, media, communication and branding studies, interaction design and related fields, are welcome to take part in the seminar with working papers.

Novembro 13, 2018 —Novembro 16, 2018


São Luiz, Maranhão
Buscando construir um painel amplo do estado da pesquisa em Ergonomia, o comitê organizador local sugere uma temática que visa abrigar a diversidade de escopos, objetos de estudo e abordagens presentes no campo: “Ergonomia: sociedade, tecnologia e cultura”.

Novembro 22, 2018 —Novembro 24, 2018

16th International Conference for Asia Digital Art and Design
2018 ADADA+Cumulus

Tainan, Taiwan

ADADA 2018 invites papers describing original contributions in all fields of art and design associated with digital technologies and related research areas. All submissions should be in English. For every accepted submission, it is required that at least one author will attend the conference to present the work. Research topics of interest for ADADA 2018 include, but are not limited to: Interactive Art, Digital Art, Media Art, Interaction Design, Interactive Technologies, Computer Animation, Computer Graphics, Visual Effects, Web Design, Web Application Design, Web Service Design, Virtual Reality, and others.

Março 1, 2019 —Março 3, 2019

Design Principles & Practices

Saint Petesburg, Russia
We hope you enjoyed meeting with delegates from around the corner and across the globe in Barcelona, Spain. We invite you to continue the conversation at the 2019 conference and are pleased to offer a discounted rate to all delegates who have attended the Design Principles & Practices Conference in the past.